"My name is Dean Chauvin and Billy Bordelon represented me in court. Six and a half years ago, I was hurt at work; I suffered numerous back, leg and neck complications from the accident that resulted in me having to seek neurological treatment the rest of my life. I attempted to handle workmen’s compensation claims myself, but was unsuccessful and had to seek legal assistance. I’ve only heard positive comments about Billy Bordelon, and decided to contact him, which is the best decision I could have made. From day one Billy was determined to satisfy my needs. He took workmen’s compensation to court, and won my case that requires workmen’s compensation insurance to pay for my neurological treatments and lost wages. To this day, Billy is still determined to make sure that workmen’s compensation is taking care of things properly, and Billy is there to help me in every way possible. I am highly satisfied with how he handled my case. In my opinion, anyone looking for a lawyer who is experienced, organized, caring, and will get the job done, I highly recommend Billy Bordelon."
-Dean Chauvin
"David did a great job. I was happy with results and the work he did. He was always available to take my calls. Good guy."
-Chad S
"A GREAT EXPERIENCE I would recommend David Shea to anyone who needs a Lawyer who truly cares about his clients. He is Awesome. I am very happy the way he handled our case. I would definitely call him again to represent me or my wife if the need arises."
-Nathan B